Gold Note B7 Ceramic Tonearm



A well designed tone arm should perform at its best with every
cartridge while keeping things simple and effective, being easy
to install and use. Add quality materials and elegant looks and
you’ll have B-7 Ceramic. Carefully hand made in Italy with only
one purpose: make your cartridge dive deep into the vinyl and
bring to life the most natural and detailed music. Inside B-7
Ceramic you’ll find four high precision micro ceramic ballbearings
manufactured in Germany by GRW, these ball-bearings
are treated singularly and sealed to preserve their integrity and
extreme precision, a crucial factor to enable noiseless
functionality to let you enjoy every single nuance in your
records. B-7 Ceramic effective length of 242mm with 19mm
overhang makes it easy to install on any turntable. The B-7
CERAMIC azimuth is adjustable through a pair of 2mm micro bolt
in order to set up the shell perfectly aligned.
The Azimuth is adjustable through a pair of 2mm micro bolts to
set up the shell perfectly. The rear arm wand is dampened with
silicon spacer to reduce unwanted vibrations and handles a finely
machined Stainless-Steel counterweight to set up most phono
cartridges (up to 15-gram mass). The vertical ultra-low friction
ceramic ball-bearings are pivoted through stainless steel bolts
manually adjusted, the horizontal movement is driven by two
micro ball-bearings directly inserted in the main rectified pivot.
With a 23mm diameter arm shaft, B-7 Ceramic can be secured on
every turntable, improving performances and every day pleasure.
Typology: 9” Ball Bearing Tonearm, Total length: 325mm
Total weight: 200g, Effective length: 242mm
Overhang: 19mm, Offset: 24°
Arm wand: Straight Titanium with 6 different sections
Shaft: 23mm, Dynamic effective mass: 10g
VTF: 0.176N (18g), VTA: adjustable on collar
Lift: hydraulic, Anti skating: wire 5 position
Azimuth: adjustable on the headshell
Internal cables: AWG36 Hyper Litz shielded 99,99% OFC
External cables: 1,5m 4 pole DIN/RCA
SHELL AND PIVOT – Black anodized Aluminium
ARM WAND – Titanium
COUNTERWEIGHT – Stainless Steel Natural