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Passion for music and instruments

“My passion for music, as well as my interest for musical instruments
and their materials, have lead my research since the early’80.
Lutes and violin, through the use of wood, strings, their forms
and harmony of their constitution,
have inspired my systems.”


Audio Visual Product Specialists

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We are a Vancouver Premium HI FI store with the best range of HI FI speakers, Amplifiers, Turntables, Tube Amplifiers and more.

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Sonos Wireless Systems

Wireless audio systems have come a long way in the last 5 years and Sonos has lead the way.  The user interface is simple and tidy, combining your personally owned music and the option of online streaming services (Tidal, Spotify, Deezer, etc.) plus free internet radio service from Tuned In.

Smart Home Automation

Home automation is a must-have for any new construction project.  The ability to control your audio/video sources, lighting, temperature and home security through your mobile device gives you anywhere access  to your home.  Retro fit options also available.

Home Theater

A dedicated home theater is a great addition to any home.  Projectors and surround sound systems add a level of enjoyment that is unsurpassed by conventional television viewing.  Our team will analyze your room and provide a perfect system to accompany it.

HiFi Speakers & Electronics

Speakers are the very important end point of any system.  When properly matched with HiFi components and interconnects you can transform your listening experience from just listening to actually being there in the room with the artist.

Best Amplifiers and Soundbar Systems in Vancouver

We carry premium brands such as Luxman, Mark Levinson amplifiers, Paradigm, Anthem, Monitor audio speakers, Control 4 smart home Automation, Magico Speakers, ATC Speakers, Aurender Dacs, Sonos Wireless music, Savant automation, Dynaudio Loudspeakers, Hegel, Rega Turntables, JBL Loudspeakers, Lyngdorf,  Cambridge Audio, Gold Note Turntables, Project Audio Turntables, Harbeth and Nordost Cable.