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Magico ASub


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A true Magico loudspeaker design offering superb performance with extensive control and
uncompromised engineering deserving of the Magico M engraving.
The ASUB enclosure shares principles of the QSUB architecture with 3/8”-thick 6061 T6 aluminum,
innovative internal bracing and advanced damping materials which are developed and evaluated
both in simulation using FEA software and physical testing to meet the uncompromising standards of
Magico as it relates to rigidity, stability and minimum acoustical contribution. The ASUB is available in
an elegant anodized black brushed aluminum finish.

The ASUB utilizes a newly developed Magico 10-inch aluminum driver that has an ultra-stiff aluminum
cone with an optimal stiffness to weight ratio. The driver is calibrated to minimize music related
distortions in the low frequency range using latest state of the art FEA simulation of acoustics,
mechanics, electromagnetic and thermal behavior which are now completed on a single platform
which enhances the level of accuracy.
The front firing driver has an extremely powerful magnet assembly which is capable of generating
deep, powerful, controlled bass frequencies with speed and accuracy. The pure Titanium 55mm
voice coil motor system provides a super stabilized magnetic field with a long excursion rate and is
capable of reproducing 50Hz at 110dB with minimal distortion.

The internal digital amplifier of the A-SUB delivers 500 Watts of purpose-built power. Seamless
integration with the main loudspeakers in a stereo or home theater system is easily achieved with the
onboard digitally-controlled active crossover and DSP control. The DSP software allows for perfect
integration of the subwoofer and main loudspeakers operating together in the listening room. Other
key features include 3-memory presets to store individual settings, auto-detect, auto-shutdown, anticlip and thermal protection.
The relatively small footprint of the ASUB is capable of generating huge air pressure changes in the
listening room and will provide incredibly deep, powerful bass with the speed and integrity of the
main loudspeakers. The front firing design of the ASUB is easy to position in the listening room and
will make an exciting sonic contribution to the overall sound performance of any system.


Dimensions : 18” H x 17.6” D x 14.5”
Weight: 108 lbs.
Driver complement: 1 x 10” Bass Woofer
RCA input impedance: 54 K Ohm
XLR input impedance: 44 K ohm
Frequency response: 20-120 Hz