Graham Slee PSU1 Enigma Power Supply



Thanks to Kirchhoff’s scientific current laws and the law of conservation of energy we can see current leaves from its origin somewhere in the power supply and has to get back to that origin. Signal current, no matter how well it is treated by the phono stage, must negotiate the inner workings of the power supply. Knowing that origin and how it gets back to it is crucial in understanding how best the micro-signal current returns to its origin with the least possible disturbance.

The Enigma solution was to lower the dissipation factor, improving dielectric absorption (similar to PTFE and polypropylene) for greater frequency stability such that all frequencies of signal current are treated more equally. And additionally: fine tuning its Kelvin paths and giving it a new DC cord and lockable outlet.

The result is greater clarity particularly when using the Accession MC phono stage, in fact it’s like getting the improvement the standard issue Accession MC provides, all over again.

Dropping dissipation factor also increased ripple current handling by 35%, and when tried with the more current hungry Majestic Pre/DAC, a significant improvement to the solidity of the sound was evident. The PSU1-Enigma “without DC cord” option is available for the Majestic Pre/DAC in the purchasing panel to your right.