Aurender AP 20 – Integrated Streamer & Amplifier

Aurender Ap20 All-In-One Digital Source and Integrated Amp, Visit your Exclusive Dealer Liquid Sound.

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Aurender AP 20 – $22,000 US Dollars

All-In-One Digital Source and Integrated Amp /
200 WPC into 8Ω, 350 WPC into 4Ω / Fully Linear PSU /
Analog R2R Volume Control / Reference Grade DAC /
Analog & Digital Inputs & Outputs / Headphone Output /
Master Clock Input / 2x User-Installable Storage Slots

Elegance. Finesse. Resolution. Grace.
If ever Aristotle’s adage: “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” is applicable in audio, it applies to AP20. And, given the quality and quantity of parts in this equation, that’s saying a lot.

AP 20 delivers unprecedented audio performance from an integrated amplifier. It includes the world’s best Class D amp modules in a dual-mono configuration, an analog R2R relay-based volume control and preamp section, Aurender’s best DAC, a master clock input, a headphone output, a suite of digital and analog inputs and outputs, and the most sophisticated linear power supply block Aurender has ever deployed.

The result? An audio component that paints every musical timbre with full-bodied realism. With a delicate touch that’s backed up by enormous headroom for transients and dynamic swings, AP 20 drives even the most demanding speaker loads and casts a soundstage that is both expansive and laser-focused.

All of this performance, with the heart of an Aurender.

Other integrated amplifier solutions on the market may offer support for app-controlled streaming, but in nearly every case, the user experience, library management, and software playback engine are an afterthought requiring third-party software and hardware to get the job done. In AP20’s case, more than 10 years of industry-leading experience has made Aurender the digital source component of choice in the world’s finest audio systems. Now, that same holistic digital playback engine and user experience is available from an integrated amplifier that completely removes the need for more components and cables.

Just add speakers, and enjoy a premium HiFi experience, without all the HiFi boxes.

Liquid Sound is Aurender’s exclusive dealer, visit our showroom to listen to the Aurender AP 20.  4320 West 10th ave