AUDIOVECTOR Freedom Concept Grounding cable




Audiovector Freedom concept is a new and revolutionary grounding technology which addresses the movement induced distortion of and between the drive units in a loudspeaker. The currents running between the chassis are processed and dealt with through a new separate crossover, which routes the signal to the ground terminal of your wall socket or your grounded mains distributor. Contrary to conventional knowledge, these currents cause coloration and distortion between the drive units. By balancing and filtering these through a dedicated separate filter and by offering the possibility of connecting them to earth/ground, we achieve a clean, very accurate, significantly more realistic sound with a low noise floor.

• Reduction of distortion of 3 dB (approx. 50%)
• Special dedicated filter exclusively for the grounding purpose
• No active connection. On mains plugs only ground is connected, no voltage
• Noise floor is at a minimum

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Grounding cable for

R-1, R-3, R-6, R-8, R-C