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  • ATC Loudspeakers

    ATC Loudspeakers (3)

    ATC, Acoustic Transducer Company, is a specialist British manufacturer of loudspeaker drive units and complete sound reproduction systems, including the relevant electronic equipment.
  • ATI Amplifier Technologies

    ATI Amplifier Technologies (6)

    American Muscle All ATI are heavy-duty amplifiers with proven circuitry, meticulous assembly and rigorous testing designed to deliver state-of-the-art audio for years, all designed and built in their own factory in southern California. It's a simple story, "American Muscle built by American muscle."
  • Aurender

    Aurender (4)

    The Aurender Team is a team of passionate individuals whose goal is to enrich everyone's lives through innovative products. They build high-quality audio products for both audiophiles and music lovers who want to enjoy operational convenience, simplicity and excellent sound quality.

    All Prices are listed in US Dollars

  • BDI

    BDI (34)

    Innovative engineering and original design to seamlessly integrate technology into the home, you can be sure that we have beautiful solutions that perform as well as they look. Inspired to look at Design in a new way, and to explore how good Design is more than simply looking good. True Design combines function, innovation, and style. For that has always been BDI’s passion.
  • Cambridge Audio

    Cambridge Audio (12)

    Offering a true taste of real hi-fi performance at surprisingly affordable prices, Cambridge Audio features a host of audiophile components and a level of design expertise that sets it head and shoulders above the competition. Above all, it’s is designed to do one thing; to make your music sound amazing…
  • Chord Electronics

    Chord Electronics (1)

    Today, we apply proprietary technologies to all of our British-made products and proudly deliver studio-grade audio performance across the entire Chord range.
  • Clearaudio

    Clearaudio (20)

    Since its inception, Clearaudio has amazed music lovers in more than 80 countries worldwide with analogue playback devices that set new standards of audio reproduction and constantly raise the bar a little higher. The range now also includes – in addition to high-end turntables, tonearms and cartridges – phono stages, preamplifiers, class A power amplifiers, connectors, cables and audio racks plus a wide range of accessories for maximum listening pleasure.
  • Control4

    Control4 (1)

    Give Your Home The Smart It Deserves Automate your lighting, entertainment, security, climate and more. One button press turns on the TV, starts the movie, lights the fire, and dims the lights. Couching down for family night has never been so easy or comfortable. It’s sunset and your house knows it. The outside lights turn on, the window shades close and your house locks the doors for you. Ready for bed? Simply press your “Goodnight” button and all of the lights in the house shut down, the temperature sets back and the alarm arms itself.  
  • Denon

    Denon (5)

    Denon’s award-winning A/V Receivers provide state-of-the-art audio and video signal processing along with the latest audio and video innovations for the ultimate home theatre experience. Liquid sound, custom home theatre experts can assist you with installations. Denon Separates truly define the state-of-the-art, providing superlative audio and video quality along with the latest in digital signal processing.
  • Devialet

    Devialet (4)

    Devialet Amplifier – World Class products in Vancouver Liquid Sound demonstrates Devialet in their Vancouver showroom. Don’t be fooled by its simplicity — a Devialet is equipped with 10 audio inputs and wireless connectivity via the AIR Universal Streamer. They provide each Devialet with extraordinary flexibility and enable you to connect the audio sources of your choice. Each Devialet’s connections are a perfect balance between respect for the past (phono stage, analogue input) and vision of the future (USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi)
  • Dynaudio

    Dynaudio (32)

    Dynaudio offers the best loudspeakers for your home, studio and car. Exceptional sound quality and design in every Dynaudio loudspeaker.
  • Elite Home Theatre Seating

    Elite Home Theatre Seating (1)

    Hand Crafted, Custom Made, Theater Seating at its Finest. Elite HTS is a Global Manufacturer of Ultra Luxury, Home Theater Seating for Residential and Commercial Cinemas. Proudly Made in North America.
  • Epson

    Epson (11)

    Experience rich cinematic adventures at home with Epson home theatre projectors. Whether you enjoy movies, games or sporting events; every image is sure to pop off the screen with state-of-the-art, innovative projector features.
  • Fidelity Acoustics

    Fidelity Acoustics (3)

    Fidelity Acoustics Vancouver, RFM1, RFM2 & RFM3 speakers showcased at Liquid Sound, Vancouver. Music is built on three ingredients; Melody, dynamics & rhythm. All the tiny shadings of these components make up the vocabulary of the music’s communication. In English the words we form are made with 26 characters of the alphabet. How many words can we form, how much emotion can we communicate with words? Music has an infinitely greater amount of vocabulary, because there are thousands of thousands of combinations of notes(melody), loudnesses (dynamics), and time patterns. Thus music can express emotion better than language, and is possibly the greatest art form of all. .
  • Grado

    Grado (13)

    Grado Headphones Vancouver can reproduce as natural a soundstage from stereo recordings and provide as much listening pleasure as a good pair of speakers do. Grado headphones are free of room effects and placement problems, and they minimize any interference from external noise. They also offer portability and the ability to listen without worrying about the neighbors. With Grado headphones, you will hear recordings with greater clarity and with deeper bass than others! Grado headphones are the antithesis of mass production, as each Grado headphone is hand-assembled and closely scrutinized to meet full performance specifications in the U.S.A. These great headphones are available in Vancouver!!!
  • Harmony

    Harmony (1)

    Create personalized one-touch Activities and enjoy integrated control of connected lights, locks, thermostats, sensors, home entertainment and more with Logitech Harmony remote controls.
  • Harbeth

    Harbeth (5)

    For over 35 years Harbeth have refined the BBC loudspeaker legacy, creating loudspeakers in worldwide demand for their unbeatable clarity and resolution. Harbeth is a unique combination of tradition and technology. Inside the classic cabinets you'll discover the world's best drive units and computer-modelled and optimised crossover networks. It's this rare combination of proven legacy and advanced technology that produces the natural sound they are famous for.
  • Hegel

    Hegel (14)

    Today Hegel is one of the best established brands in Hi-Fi market, producing integrated, pre and power amplifiers as well as CD players and some of the most modern and sophisticated D/A converters.
  • Heos

    Heos (9)


    HEOS is a wireless music system that allows you to control all your music effortlessly from anywhere in your home. All you need is one or more HEOS speakers and the free app.

  • JVC

    JVC (4)

    JVC’s projectors offer a high contrast ratio, achieved by adopting an optical engine with new wire grid and the latest 6th generation original D-ILA device. Additionally, e-shift 3 Technology with enhanced Multiple Pixel Control image processor and analyzer achieves a high-definition 4K image optimal for a variety of scenes.
  • JL Audio

    JL Audio (7)

    JL Audio powered subwoofers are designed and built to achieve unprecedented performance in all areas within reasonably sized, beautifully crafted packages.
  • Lyngdorf

    Lyngdorf (1)

    Unprecedented Stability in Signal Processing
  • Magico

    Magico (11)

    Magico speakers was created over a decade ago for the sole purpose of leading a no holds-barred assault on what is possible in contemporary loudspeaker design. Inspired by the unique vision of industrial designer and accomplished musician Alon Wolf, every Magico product is designed against the true standard of perfect audio reproduction-live music. At Magico, we strive to lead in the creation, development, and manufacture of the most elegant and technologically advanced loudspeaker systems in the world. Each product expresses our passion to craft uncompromising devices that reveal the music as never before. Magico Speakers are simply one of the best speakers in the world, Vancouver has them available!! All prices are listed in US Dollars
  • M&K Sound loudspeakers

    M&K Sound loudspeakers (8)

    For more than three decades, M&K Sound loudspeakers haves been held in the highest regard by the audio press, the film and music industries as well as by home users seeking the finest loudspeakers for music and home theater. Building on a truly unique heritage and a strong market presence that transcends the traditional boundaries between professional and consumer audio, M&K Sound pledges to continue to offer performance, reliability and value for money that are second to none.
  • Marantz

    Marantz (14)

    Most people enjoy music. But some people are passionate about it. So are we! Music should be reproduced - in our opinion - exactly the way the artist intended, because nothing - absolutely nothing - should get in the way of the music. That's why we at Marantz have only one philosophy: "Because Music Matters."
  • Ortofon

    Ortofon (37)

    Ortofon phono cartridges concentrate on providing the faithful and correct representation of the recorded sound
  • Monitor Audio

    Monitor Audio (61)

    Whatever your taste and budget you’ll discover a Monitor Audio speaker that answers your desire for great sound. Since hi-fi was in its infancy we’ve dedicated all our technical expertise, innovation and craftsmanship to the creation of world-class loudspeakers, which communicate the essence of our brand and reward the people who buy them. We want you to share and enjoy the blend of style, quality, performance and sophistication that makes Monitor Audio unique. Liquid Sound, Vancouver Monitor Audio Dealer.
  • Music Hall

    Music Hall (10)

    Music Hall has developed a cohesive and logical range of turntables. All are designed to extract a musical and satisfying presentation from that fabulous medium we call vinyl. From the least expensive to the flagship, all of our turntables deliver incredible sound and value. All are fitted with expensive cartridges from Music Hall or Goldring.
  • Naim Muso

    Naim Muso (2)

    Mu-so® is Naim Audio's first wireless music system. Finely tuned by Naim's specialist engineers in England, its powerful audio brain delivers the most exceptional quality in sound, commanding 450 watts of power through six custom-designed speakers to create an experience of music that has to be heard to be believed. Its advanced yet simple to use connectivity includes Airplay, Bluetooth®/aptX®, Spotify Connect®, TIDAL (NEW), UPnP™ (access your stored music), Internet Radio, Multiroom (NEW), USB, Analogue and Digital inputs, Apple iOS and Android App for complete control.
  • Nordost

    Nordost (30)

    Founded in 1991, Nordost Corporation is a high-technology cable manufacturer specializing in the audio and medical fields, using precision conductor solutions first developed for the aerospace industry and in conjunction with NASA for the space shuttle program. This grounding in the mission critical fields of space flight and micro-surgery have afforded the company an enviable research budget and an unprecedented degree of manufacturing accuracy and consistency.
  • Panamax

    Panamax (6)

    Panamax is the country's pre-eminent designer and manufacturer of electronic and electrical protection, filtration and control products. For over 30 years they have achieved an international reputation for their unique solutions to the worldwide problem of power disturbances and has earned numerous industry awards for the quality and variety of its products.
  • Phantom

    Phantom (7)

    Phantom is unique. More than a connected speaker, Phantom emits sound using a revolutionary and inherently superior process created by Devialet engineers.Phantom's ultra dense sound creates intense emotional experiences. Uncover the richness of songs you have heard a thousand times in all their amplitude, from sub bass at 16hz to ultra sharp sound at 25kHz with no background noise, no saturation, no distortion, all that up to 3000 Watts and 105 Decibels of power.
  • Primacoustic

    Primacoustic (1)

    Primacoustic is a manufacturer of acoustic materials of all types. With over 30 years experience in studio and live sound, and 15 years in acoustics, they have amassed a tremendous resource of information. Combined with Liquid Sound’s experienced installers and technicians, you will enjoy better results from your products. While browsing, please let us know if the information presented meets your needs. If you have a question please contact Liquid Sound.
  • Pro-Ject Audio Systems

    Pro-Ject Audio Systems (31)

    Project Turntables are the result of an exemplary cooperation within a rapidly uniting Europe. For over fifty years record players have been designed and built at Project’s manufacturing facility in Litovel, east of Prague. This plant is one of the most advanced manufacturers of precision mechanics in the country.
  • Rega

    Rega (1)

    Our team have worked tirelessly to improve every aspect of this turntable offering improved ergonomics, usability and first and foremost, sonic performance
  • Rogue Audio

    Rogue Audio (16)

    Rogue Audio’s amplifier designs combine the finest in tube circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Unflagging attention to the integrity of the audio signal path and power supplies results in truly superior designs. The most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through their amplifiers.
  • Savant Systems

    Savant Systems (1)

    Savant Systems Vancouver -Designed and installed in Vancouver BC, develops and manufactures a complete suite of software and hardware solutions for the connected home and commercial automation and control applications. Savant’s progressive platform cohesively addresses control, automation, audio/video, telephony, digital display, lighting control, energy management and the media integration needs of today’s most advanced environments. Through tightly integrated use of Apple® technology, Savant has leveraged the familiarity and intuitive nature of the iPad® and iOS family of devices to address the user interface demands of today’s discerning consumers.
  • Screen Innovations

    Screen Innovations (1)

    Screen Innovations (SI) is a leading manufacturer of projection screens and associated technologies for residential and commercial applications. Best known for Black Diamond™, the world’s first and only multi-directional ambient light rejection projection screen technology, SI has effectively revolutionized the two-piece projection category by producing screens that deliver unparalleled images in light or dark environments.
  • Sennheiser

    Sennheiser (14)

    For more than 65 years Sennheiser’s name has stood for top-quality products, true sound and tailor-made solutions for every aspect of recording, transmission and reproduction of sound. Sennheiser wants people to not only hear all aspects of sound, but also to feel it, too. With German engineering, decades of experience in professional business, and innovative science, they stay true to the sound and set new standards for headphones, headsets, microphones, and integrated systems.
  • Seymour Screen Excellence

    Seymour Screen Excellence (1)

    Seymour-Screen Excellence's screens are the most advanced available today. Using proprietary Enlightor and Ambient-Visionaire screen fabrics, they provide a flawless picture quality, finally enabling you to get the best from both your projector and your sound system in any room.
  • Solid Tech

    Solid Tech (1)

    As music lovers and audiophiles, it has been our goal, ever since Solid Tech started in 1995 to construct and manufacture Audio support products that allow an audio system to reproduce recorded music in an unhindered way, and to convey the innermost being of music to its utmost level. By using optimized materials, and recognized techniques originating from the resonance and vibration isolation industry, we can with clear conscience, without mysticism and inflated price tags, offer products that deliver unmatched vibration isolation and performance for the finest playback systems available.
  • Sonos

    Sonos (13)

    All the music on earth, in every room, wirelessly. Sonos combines HiFi sound and rock-solid wireless. Sonos lets you stream all the music on earth – from any source to any room. Enjoy access to different music sources from one app combined with complete multi-room capabilities. Sonos is simple to set-up, control, and expand. Press two buttons and begin your listening experience using one powerful app to access your music with a modular system that can expand to other rooms in your home.
  • Teac

    Teac (2)

    Around the world, the TEAC name is synonymous with high-quality, high performance consumer gear - not surprising when you consider that TEAC has been a leader in the industry since its earliest reel-to-reel recorders. Today, TEAC manufactures an entire spectrum of components for both high-fidelity audio systems and digitally enhanced home theaters.
  • Ultra Touch Insulation

    Ultra Touch Insulation (1)

    UltraTouch™ Denim Insulation is the successful combination of 35 years of insulation experience and a revolutionary patented manufacturing process that has created a superior and safe product. UltraTouch is made from high-quality natural fibers. These fibers contain inherent qualities that provide for extremely effective sound absorption and maximum thermal performance.
  • Velodyne

    Velodyne (4)

    Velodyne Acoustics, Inc. has been the industry leader in subwoofer performance for almost three decades. It’s no surprise that Velodyne resides in Silicon Valley, known worldwide as the breeding ground for high-tech innovation and invention. Velodyne subwoofers and audio products represent the fusion of technical innovation with the art of beautiful industrial design.
  • Vicoustics

    Vicoustics (1)

    Based in Paços de Ferreira, Portugal, Vicoustic has established itself as one of the most dynamic companies in the acoustic solutions industry. The research-based manufacturer offers a range of innovative products and services, representing the outcome of years of development, testing and optimization. Vicoustic’s engineers work in strategic partnership with other industry sectors, including science institutes and universities, as well as gaining regular feedback from some of Europe’s leading acoustic engineers.