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Xeo 6

Xeo 6

The new Xeo 6 is the absolute reference for wireless high-end. It kills cable effects. It eliminates timing problems. It resurrects dead records. Because it has everything the famed Dynaudio reference loudspeakers possess. The new Speaker Position EQ allows you to optimize the sound quality according to the placement of the speakers in the room. And then there is the added convenience of the very informative visual Xeo Interface, which makes Xeo more user-friendly than ever.
The Xeo 6 is really smart, as Auto Play automatically finds your music source, making Xeo even more convenient for the less technically minded user. True aficionados will also dig the new upgraded remote control, as remote control interaction is even smoother and faster than before. And wireless signal stability and reliability is further improved by the new multi-band transmitter technology. But the most important feature is this: nothing stands between you and the music.

“XEO is an ideal proposition for music lovers who want serious  hi-fi sounds from minimal components.” Hi-Fi Choice, September 2014

“Very neutral and wide range sounding floor stand speaker, distinguished character without any artificiality. Superior in the bass, surprisingly power-stable despite its  compact size, with precise sound-staging.” AUDIO, October 2014