About us

At Liquid Sound we’re dedicated to providing the highest quality service with the highest quality products. Whether it’s a home theatre fit-out or a home automation system, our goal is to make your life easy. We do this by getting a thorough understanding of your routine, tastes and needs, so that whatever we’re designing and installing integrates seamlessly with your home.

Our approach

With roots in high-end audio, we understand the importance of using premium products that are easy to use. When we’re finding the right products for your home, we’ll always look for options that are innovative, uncomplicated and reliable. As a boutique outfit, we take pride in each and every project. So when it comes to service, our passion, experience, expertise and personal touch make us the perfect partner for any project.

Our team

Daniel Mendes

Daniel Mendes

Liquid Sound’s proud owner Daniel has been in the industry since 2001. Daniel built Liquid Sound on his core values of respect and integrity, and they continue to guide his commitment to exceptional customer service today. With a robust knowledge of the industry and a hands-on approach, Daniel’s unwavering passion for his craft shines through every interaction he has and every project he works on.

What others have to say

Liquid Sound are courteous, very knowledgeable, well trained, and professional in their execution. Previous installers left the equipment rack looking like a rats nest, and Liquid Sound quickly transformed it into a proper professional rack. They followed up on post installation queries, and were very patient. They provided useful suggestions, but never pushed to sell any items. I have no hesitation in recommending them as excellent installers, providing superior service, with a great product.
Brian Phillips
Liquid Sound offers excellent, uncomplicated service, and they know how to troubleshoot swiftly. Daniel Mendes has the best “can do” attitude of anyone out there! Having music throughout the house and even outdoors makes everything better! Daniel and his team know their stuff!
Lucia Lundin
I had the best experience with Liquid Sound! They got a good feel for what I was looking for and recommended products that would fulfill my needs. They mapped out the entire theatre and knew exactly where to place every speaker and subwoofer to make sure the room was getting the best possible sound and picture. They also built the most AMAZING audio rack. Once everything was in, they calibrated the audio and video which made a huge difference! I really appreciate that they don’t just sell you the pieces and leave you to it. They followed up multiple times to make sure I was still enjoying it. I want to thank the entire team for their hard work, expertise and care. I couldn’t recommend them enough.
Colin Gilette