So, what is the difference between a good and a great audio store you ask?
Brand selection, product knowledge, industry experience, honesty, and customer service are a good start, and a GOOD audio store will have to have all of these attributes and more, but what about a GREAT audio store? What sets them apart from the rest? You wouldn’t buy a car from a dealer that has a very limited selection and little or no ability to let you see, touch and test drive the car that you want to buy, would you?
In this same frame of reference, a great audio store will have dedicated spaces for undisturbed listening, and the ability to demonstrate the sonic differences among the specifications of a Class A amp, a hybrid amp, a tube amp, or a solid-state one, rather than just talk about it. I, for one, would like to test drive an electric car before buying another one that uses gasoline, and if my dealer does not have an electric car to test drive, I will check out a different dealer.
In Vancouver, we are blessed with a plethora of good audio stores, Liquid Sound, however, strives to be a great one, and that’s why it is substantially increasing the size of the store to offer you an even better selection of products and additional demonstration rooms.
Happy listening! Experience the difference between good and great! You deserve it!