Amplifiers are no fun at all!
Turntables make you, or whoever sets them up, part of the chain or weakest link perhaps. Speakers too, being greatly affected by positioning, i.e. distance from reflecting surfaces such as walls, floors, and ceilings, will also put you in the chain. Amplifiers, however, do not. My 12 years old granddaughter can set up an amplifier as well as I can. As long as you position it on a stable platform and allow ventilation, the job is done and is done well, without fail. No weakest link here.
Choosing what amp to purchase is the only fun part. Although, it can be a bit confusing with seemingly endless choices such as Class A, Class AB, Class D, Vacuum tubes, Solid-state, Hybrid, Integrated or Separate. Which is the best one to buy?
Considering that an amplifier has to take a small signal and make it bigger without changing anything else, I am proposing that how it does that is irrelevant as long as the final object is being reached.
Other considerations when buying an amplifier are the type of speaker that it will be paired with, the size of the room, preferred playing volume, space limitations, and more. This all makes the task a bit more daunting unless you pick a good specialty store that has knowledgeable staff to walk you through it.
How that is done is for another time.