PD-171A from Luxman

PD-171A from Luxman

PD-171A has been a highly regarded analogue player in the market due to its ability to convey the sense of musical depth and feeling of vinyl records. There are two new revisions, an armless type, the PD-171AL, and the PD-171A, with a universal tone arm, adjustable to the users requirements and systems. At the heart of these models is a newly developed, high output power supply circuit and an AC synchronous motor. We have incorporated ideas developed for our audio amplifiers and have adopted a belt drive system which rotates a high inertia, heavyweight turntable. A high quality hairline finished aluminum upper surface blends beautifully with the wooden base cabinet to conceal the robust and accurate machinery within, developing a warmer and softer personality with whom the listener may spend many hours of enjoyment, expressing the true personality of analogue recordings.

The motor is the fundamental energy source used to release the musical content of vinyl records. The PD-171A and PD-171AL are equipped with a newly developed, high-torque AC synchronous motor. We have eliminated unnecessary vibration and achieved optimum energy transmission by using a wide drive belt. We have eliminated unnecessary vibration and achieved optimum energy transmission by using a wide drive belt. The motor drive system is equipped to deliver ample output power, incorporating ideas from Luxman’s unique audio amplifier knowledge. The combination of the latest 32-bit microcomputer control and a high precision clock generator deliver accurate and quiet rotation.

The turntables for these models are cut from solid aluminum plates, finished with a diamond cutter and weight-adjusted to 5kg. A huge inertia of about 0.7tonnes-per-cm2 promises smooth and stable rotation. The stainless steel center spindle, with bearings fitted at the base, is extremely rigid at 16mm in diameter. A brass thrust bearing, with a polyetheretherketone (PEEK) ball race lubricated with molybdenum oil, offers excellent abrasion resistance and load carrying ability, firmly supporting the heavyweight platter.

PD-171A is equipped with a high sensitivity static balance type tone arm with a one point cross suspension bearing structure as standard. It functions well with various types of cartridges. Moreover, by adopting a universal type head shell, we have made it a very simple operation to change the cartridge. Both of the PD-171A and PD-171AL, having the base plate of the tone arm as an interchangeable, independent part and depending on options sold separately, offer attachment to numerous tone arms such as SME, SAEC, FR and Ortofon to enable users enjoy the characteristics of their favorite tone arm.
※cartridge is not included.

All major parts are attached to a 15mm thick aluminum plate which connects to the main chassis by our original under-slung (hanging) method, successfully achieving both high rigidity and vibration damping. The motor and the power supply transformer, which can cause vibration, are attached using floating mounts to achieve a higher signal to noise ratio. Four large caliber spring-and-rubber insulator feet directly connected to the chassis prevent feedback and external vibration transmission. In addition, the hybrid vibration damping structure of the metal chassis and wooden exterior contributes to a high level of sound quality.

The LED illuminated reflective stroboscope enables precise, fine rotation speed adjustment to 331/3 and 45 RPM independently. The unique stroboscope pattern displayed in the window is not the usual dot or block pattern, but the rotational speed itself! A joy to operate. We have equipped these models with detachable, high-intensity LED-type stylus lights that illuminate the playing area of vinyl records. The 4mm thick acrylic dust cover uses cam support hinges to achieve a light and smooth opening and closing motion. The PD-171A is equipped with a universal tone arm and supplied with a light weight and highly rigid magnesium alloy head shell and a ground-equipped 5-pin DIN→RCA cable made from OFC copper.