The 2go Wireless Streamer For Hugo 2 is a high-performance streamer / server that transforms the Hugo 2 into a full-featured Wi-Fi- and Ethernet-enabled device with up to 4 TB of SD card music storage.

The 2yu Standalone Music Streamer is a digital interface that connects to 2go effectively turning the 2go2yu into a stand alone music streamer / server. 2yu offers four digital outputs so it can be connected to any DAC or any other device with a digital input, and it can be connected to Chord’s own Hugo M Scaler / Hugo TT2 to create a state-of-the-art streaming system.

2go and 2yu are both hand-made in the UK using Chord’s trademark aircraft-grade aluminum and available in silver or black finish.

2go will retail for $1,695 and is expected to begin shipping by the end of February.