Oh my! We have quite a selection of modus operandi in the speaker world. Electrostatics, dynamic, planar, hybrid and more. So, which one should line my living room wall?
Electrostatics speakers have little bass unless their dimension is gigantic and that would cause other problems not excluding divorce or eviction or both. This speaker, usually bi-polar, presents a positioning challenge in most rooms. Room acoustic will also play a bigger part in the final performance. Planar speaker design poses similar problems but often this is found in a lower price range speaker.
Dynamic speaker design is the bread and butter of the speaker industry, easier to produce and with relatively small issues to resolve. Hybrid design is the combo package, but you will have to take the good with the bad. Somewhat like a vegan dinner with chicken, an airplane with one jet engine and one propeller engine. You do not get the best of both worlds; you get the worst because the shortfalls of each system are added together! I feel quite confident in suggesting dynamic speakers to all but the handful of audio enthusiasts willing to forgo something in order to achieve something else. This is probably because I am one of them.

Ezio Lazzari