Contour 60 from Dynaudio

COntour 60

It’s a three-way design. At the bottom sits two brand-new 24cm MSP woofers (They’re bigger, redesigned siblings of the 18cm drivers we’ve used in the Contour 20 and 30). At the top, in the new Contour range, is the magnificent Esotar2 soft-dome tweeter. 

Between them is a completely new 15cm midrange driver. Like the rest of the Dynaudio drivers it uses aluminium voice-coils. It also deploys a neodymium magnet system, and was designed using Finite Element Method optimization methods. They wanted to retain the signature midrange sound in a lager cabinet, without having to repurpose an existing driver for a job it wasn’t designed for.

All the drivers are powered by low-mass, high durability aluminium voice-coils. And the tweeter’s voice-coil sits in a special magnetic ferrofluid. It works like a shock absorber and dissipates heat to reduce stress on the moving parts – which improves power-handling and widens the frequency response to mention as few of its benefits.

The Contour 60 shares the same redesigned crossover and components as the rest of the range. And, of course, the speakers have Dynaudio’s furniture-grade construction and finish (our team spends up to three weeks carving, sanding, and polishing both speakers so they’re identical as a pair).

The new multi-layer curved cabinet and sleek-but-solid aluminium baffle provide your music with a robust, defined acoustic foundation. So much so that you’ll forget they’re even there and just … listen.