Xeo 2 from Dynaudio

Xeo 2

Xeo 2 frees us from the annoying limitations of the past. Two compact speakers that can be controlled directly via remote control, one-touch buttons on top of the speakers, or Bluetooth, and fit in anywhere in the room. That’s all you need. The result is a breathtakingly intense sound experience.
Your favorite album on CD. A TV show on the television in the bedroom. Streaming service from your smartphone in the kitchen. Playing high-res files from your network player. The Xeo 2 plays all this and much more, effortlessly and in excellent quality, without the need for swapping cables or secondary systems. Installation is a piece of cake. Available in satin black or satin white, the compact speaker cabinets will fit in anywhere. A remote control is included, a wall-mount bracket and a desktop stand are available separately.
And the Xeo 2 is also the right way to go if you want to centralize your sound throughout the home.  Simply set up a multi-room network with the Dynaudio Hub or the Dynaudio Connect and you have transformed your entire space into a stage for complete, unsurpassed musical pleasure.

The world of music has become diverse. Music no longer comes only from a CD. With smartphones, music is always at your fingertips. And with high-res streaming services, or lossless data files on the network, it retains its entire depth. The Xeo 2 is the answer to music lovers’ growing awareness of quality. The excellent sound quality results in a thrilling, authentic experience.
The Xeo 2 receives music data directly from the source device. This can be a smartphone, a tablet or a PC, or the TV or a hi-fi component via the Dynaudio Hub or Connect. The Xeo 2’s integrated high-performance digital amp takes over signal processing and drives the 27 mm tweeter and the 140 mm mid/bass driver in flawless harmonization. The reliably stable composite housing with solid aluminium baffle minimizes interference factors, so that the mind-blowingly pure sound can develop fully through the 2 x 65 watts of power. In addition to Bluetooth connectivity, the Xeo 2 features a high-res 24 bit/192 kHz optical digital input, one RCA stereo analog and one analog mini-jack connection. Wi-Fi connection is possible via the Dynaudio Connect, which also adds a USB and a digital coax input.

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