Xeo 4 from Dynaudio


Xeo 4Xeo 4 minimizes your system to the essentials: the audio source and the speakers. A high-end digital amplifier is integrated into the Xeo 4, so speaker cables and external amplifiers are obsolete. With Auto Play, connection is automatic.
Xeo can be used with anything that plays music: a computer, cell phone, personal player, video system, docking station, network player, streaming client, TV, hi-fi audio components, anything. The music from your computer finally sounds great. Videos from the Internet finally sound great. Even your smartphone finally sounds great.
Music enthusiasts, musicians and audio critics everywhere are in awe of Dynaudio loudspeakers.

These two-way, 100W-per-side Xeo 4 bookshelf speakers are purely wireless. All you need is a source and power. Hook them up to a Dynaudio Connect and you’ll have access to all your components as long as they have the right connections – be it a turntable, hi-res network player, smartphone, TV, CD player or that weird tape machine you found in the attic. And you can make it all multi-room, too.

“The Xeo 4s serve up great-quality, convenient, versatile wireless sound.” WHAT HI-FI?, November 2014

“Distinctively expressive and vital sounding compact speaker with good,  strong bass and finest timbre. Precise sound-staging. Despite sounding  open it never becomes obtrusive.” AUDIO, October 2014