Lighting Control

Lighting control has become more popular and accessible for the homeowner or business owner.  The ability to set schedules and scenes for your lighting allows it to respond to your lifestyle and living habits.

Vacation/Holiday Scheduling

When travelling or visiting friends and family over the holidays, lighting control can mimic your typical light usage by having lights turn on and off at set times throughout the day as though you were home. For example, bedroom lights on in the morning as if you were getting ready for work, kitchen and dining lights on around dinner time and living/great room lights on in the evening for when you would normally be watching the news or a movie.  At the end of the day they can be turned off automatically as if you were getting ready for bed.  Its a great way to have the outside world still assume you are home when travelling or visiting.

Lifestyle Scheduling

Are there certain lights that you turn on and off everyday at the same time?  Perhaps you wake for work everyday at 7 and to have your hall, stairwell and kitchen lights to be automatically on and dimmed to 40% would be helpful to start your morning.  Or you would like landscape, front porch and front walkway lights to be on at dusk and off at dawn Monday-Friday.  Through Control4 lighting control you can customize your lighting to respond to your daily activities and lifestyle.

Remote Access

Have you ever second guessed yourself about turning off a light when leaving the house?  Or would you like to come home to a few lights on after getting off the plane so you aren’t stumbling in the dark with suitcases?  Control4 gives you access to your lighting anytime, anywhere in the world (as long as you are connected to a network with internet access).  You can check in and turn lights off or turn them on from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

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