Blustream HDMI 4K Precision 18 HDMI Cable – Long Distance Cables

Blustream HDMIWith the influx of 4K content and available and the affordability of 4K compatible video receivers and projectors bandwidth has become an issue.  HDMI cable has now become the standard when connecting a High Definition source to a HDTV. However one of the drawbacks of HDMI cables is that the technology is not particularly well suited to long cable runs, with the HDMI signal losing strength over large distances.

A HDMI cable can usually run for a maximum length of 10 metres (33 feet) before severe signal loss occurs. This is dependent on the quality of the HDMI cable used and the signal strength from the source equipment. The resolution of the video being transmitted is also a factor. As the HDMI signal deteriorates, this can result in picture distortion, digital noise (sparkles), or no picture display at all.

Common instances where a HDMI signal may need to be extended include in a home theatre set-up where you want to extend the signal to a different room, or in a commercial application such as advertising displays spread across distances. There are several ways to extend a HDMI signal to allow for longer distance high quality video transmission. Products include HDMI repeaters, HDMI Boosters/Equalizers, and HDMI over Cat 5/Cat 6.

Blustream has a simple solution with guaranteed results: the Precision 18 HDMI Cable.  The Passive Precision 18 HDMI cables guarantee 18Gbps pass through for support of all the latest 4K resolutions including 4K 60 Hz 4:4:4 colour space, HDR, Dolby Vison and 8/10/12 bit colour.  It is available in 10, 15 and 20 Meter Lengths.  A great solution for long runs that you can depend on.