Musical Fidelity’s aim with the V90-DAC was, on balance, to make the best DAC in the world without breaking the bank.
Examine any high-end DAC, and the first thing you see is massive casework. This contributes nothing to its technical or sonic performance. Take the top off, and in most cases you will find a complex layout that suggests performance. However, further analysis will show that the real work of signal handling and data conversion is done by a dozen or so components. The rest is decoration, designed to suggest competence. These observations formed the basis for the V90-DAC concept.
Using state-of-the-art design techniques and components, Musical Fidelity set out to design a DAC to produce top-notch technical performance – housed in a modest, reasonably priced package.
The V90-DAC has a balance of measurements: distortion, noise, linearity, bandwidth, and phase, which in their totality are not significantly bettered by any product at any price.
If you hunt around, you may find the occasional DAC that claims to have slightly better performance than the V90-DAC in one area or another, but in totality will not exceed it. There are plenty of competitors shouting about their new, wonderful version of the emperor’s new clothes, but they offer little or nothing in real performance to back up their claims. Just lots of talk about subjective this or that, but all of it is just a matter of opinion.
The V90-DAC is a matter of fact. Its technical and sonic performance is superlative. There are better DACs but they may cost twenty or thirty times more.
Buying the V90-DAC is your personal statement of independence from overhyped claims.

Exceptional technical performance combined with value for money
Multiple digital inputs – coax, 2 x optical and asynchronous USB
Low output impedance
32bit DAC
24bit 192kHz re-clocking and up-sampling on all inputs
Extended linearity
Outstanding channel separation
Beautiful, considered build quality