Rega Turntables

In the world of hi-fi, Rega- a British Manufacturer is legendary for its turntables, and the Planar 3 possibly most of all. In recent years, this iconic mid-level deck has gone under the name of “RP3”, but as of recent with its new and improved come back, includes the new name. Planar 3.

The range of Planar turntable is really rather attractive in the flesh. The glossy plinth, which is available in black or white, is impeccably finished and set off nicely by the metallic upper brace that runs diagonally from the main bearing to the arm mount.
In the case of Rega, its icon has been its belt-driven, low-mass unsuspended plinth turntable. Although the design has changed over the years, it has retained the same basic form factor and has become indelibly associated with the turntable manufacturer.

Rega offers an array of turn tables from the Planar 1’s Plug and Play design, set-up in less than thirty seconds, Hand assembled RB110 tonearm, High quality, low vibration motor, Phenolic resin, flywheel effect platter, Factory fitted carbon moving magnet cartridge & performance pack aftermarket upgrade available, through to its Award Winning Planar 3 consisting of DB Technology, hand assembled RB330 tonearm, 24v low noise motor / 12mm float glass platter, lightweight double braced plinth, Factory fitted Elys2 MM cartridge (optional) & Compatible with the TT-PSU electronic speed change and power supply box (optional). The bearing is also re-worked with a new brass central section that improves fit and quality to lower the noise floor and reduce the stress on the bearing itself. Key to the way that the Planar functions is a new bracing system that links the arm mount and bearing together. This comprises a 3mm plastic bottom bracket and a visible top bracket with a metallized skin.
The superb sound Rega offers, effortlessly ups the scale but keeps that same fantastic sense of involvement. Something that helps across a wide variety of music is the fact that the Planar range has gained a bass response that is deeply impressive for a turntable built from these materials at this price point. It manages to produce powerful and impressively deep bass that never loses the texture and detail needed to be a convincing.

Winning the UK Manufacturing awards Rega now stands as a lasting testament to their high standards of quality, and willingness to show the world that the UK are still a manufacturing force to be reckoned with.
A truly remarkable turntable package that cannot be bettered for the money.