Savant Home Automation

Savant accompanies a complete set of home automation control features. You can manage your system using one of many mobile apps for iOS and Android, though the primary app. For touchscreen controls, Savant offers a range of iPad wall and table mounts in lieu of manufacturing its own touchscreens. This is helpful since you have the same user interface across your system controllers.

Savant’s home automation system also has energy monitoring tools so you can keep track of how much electricity your home uses. The system also has scheduling and scene features that help you control the lights and save energy. The Savant Remote is an excellent universal remote that controls home theater and whole-house audio equipment. This remote control is an excellent way to try out the system before committing to a professional installation across your entire home.

Savant Systems provides a completely customizable home automation option. The system can also be expanded for home control upgrades and changes over time. Owning an Apple iPad, iPod or iPhone are necessary to control the Savant System and a limitation for those that don’t currently use or want to use an Apple device.

Savant home automation systems can take control of just about any electronic device in the house. By the touch of the “Home” button on your Apple product, when they arrive, will allow a home owner to turn off the security system, activate a pattern of lights that have been pre-programmed into the system, adjust the thermostat and turn on whole-house audio to listen to your favorite music.

All Savant products are sold through authorized dealers that provide assistance planning, installing and servicing the system for years to come. Savant is sold across the globe and the professionalism and friendliness of the customer service experience is based on each location you encounter.

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