Insulation Materials from Cascade Audio

Cotton insulation products offer fantastic sound absorption and thermal control characteristics.  These products are used in applications such as in-wall and in-ceiling to reduce the amount of sound that migrates through these surfaces into adjacent spaces.  Cotton is also used internally and externally around HVAC systems to absorb sound and reflect thermal energy.

Natural cotton fiber insulation consists almost entirely of natural denim and cotton fibers that are 100% recyclable, reducing landfill waste. The denim and cotton are also 100% post-industrial, which assures that the fibers are free of any contaminants. Cotton Insulation requires a minimal amount of energy to manufacture, aiding the environment with energy conservation and reduction in pollution.

Fiberglass manufacturing consumes considerably more energy and creates more pollution, while not breaking down or decomposing in landfills. Cotton Insulation contains no chemical irritants and requires no warning labels compared to the carcinogenic warnings that fiberglass is required by law to display.

Recycled Cotton HVAC Duct Liner

Duct Liner is a thermally bonded HVAC insulation that offers superior acoustic and thermal performance. Made from natural fibers, Duct Liner contains no fiberglass and does not itch or cause skin irritation. The fibers used to manufacture Duct Liner offer excellent sound absorption properties. The surface is overlaid with a durable, fire-resistant black facing providing additional strength to the product. Both the insulation and the facing are treated with an EPA registered anti-microbial agent.

this product is used primarily as an acoustical liner designed for HVAC sheet metal ducts to absorb unwanted noise from multiple sources. Duct Liner also reduces heat gain or loss. Duct Liner contains no harmful irritants and is safe to handle and install.

SB-DL duct liner may alse be used to absorb sound when using the FABTRAX fabric stretched panel system.