Cell Phone Booster Service from Liquid Sound Vancouver BC

Cell Phone BoosterAre you in a larger home that has little or no cell phone reception?  Or in a neighbourhood in Vancouver where you experience drop outs or get cut off from you conversations?  Does your cell phone only have 1 or 2 bars of connectivity or none at all?  It may be time to have a cell phone booster installed in your home or apartment.

We have had many requests from clients to assist them in bringing strong and reliable cell phone service to their residences.  Some areas in Vancouver simply have terrible reception or have environmental issues that can interfere with receiving and sending information from Android and iPhone devices.  Apartment buildings are also notorious for reduced signal due to infrastructure (such as metal vents and cement walls) or interference from neighbouring units (microwaves, cordless phones, etc.)

Our recommendation?  A Uniden Cellular Booster.  First we install an outdoor antenna that captures the cellular signal from the outside of your building and sends it into the cellular booster.  The cellular booster amplifies your signal and sends it to your indoor antenna which distributes your new strong signal in your troubled area, so you can enjoy crystal clear phone calls and lightning fast data speed.

Cell Phone Booster

If you are having similar issues give us a call at 778-891-7750 to book a site visit.  After we have a chance to investigate the problem and find the best route for cabling and installation of equipment we will consult with you and prepare a quote.  We will attempt to have all equipment be in discrete and hidden locations to avoid disrupting the design of the home or apartment.  All options will be discussed to find the best solution that will not compromise your living space.

If you have any questions or comments do not hesitate to contact us.