Savant Home Control

Savant Smart Host and Savant Pro Host

Savant Smart Host and Savant Pro Host

Savant was founded in 2005 with the goal of providing the best experience in home automation. When they began to imagine what the ideal Savant Home would look like, the one common thread was comfort—the feeling that everything in your home is just how you like it.

And because everyone likes things a certain way, Savant sets out to make their product as adaptable as possible. Technological advances became the means to an end, not the reason for their existence. It was one of the best decisions they ever made and it’s a huge part of what makes them unique.

Since then, people from around the world have come to Savant in search of a home tailored just for them, and the one thing we hear from all of them is that once you live in a Savant Home, you’ll never want to live anywhere else.

Unsure of where to start with Savant Home Control?  Below you will find a breakdown of the 2 Savant Home Controllers.  To start, you must decide on the size of your home or project and what you are looking to control.  If you have any questions about the Savant options, or other home audio/video/control components please contact Liquid Sound.

Smart Host

The full Savant experience at an
affordable price is ideal for most homes

Pro Host

A perfect solution for unique homes that
require a deeper level of customization

Monitor up to 8 rooms Monitor as much of the house as needed
Protect your home
with up to 128 sensors or zones
Protect your home with sensors in any room
Watch video in up to
8 rooms
Watch video in up to 36 rooms
Stream music in up to
12 rooms
Stream music in up to 144 rooms
Control up to 250 lights or switches Control over 250 lights or switches
Control up to 6 thermostats Control up to 64 thermostats
Automate up to 32 window
Automate all the shades in your home