Devialet 800

Devialet 800 - 2 X Mono Black Amplifier

Devialet 800

From the creative spark that drives the artist, the poet and the engineer to do better, the Devialet 800 was born. The 800 meshes otherworldly sound reproduction (distortion can’t be measured any more) with more than 2 x 800W of power reserve.  Amateurs, you’d best leave this one to the experts!

The Devialet 800 is actually two units daisy-chained in mono-blocks: a complete Devialet 250 “master” and a Devialet 250 “slave”. Providing all the advantages of dual mono, the 800 is a savvier solution than purchasing two separate Devialet 250s.

Thanks to a dedicated power supply and ADH core sets for each channel, the Devialet 800’s technology is magnified by a mono-block set-up that proffers mind-blowing resolution unequalled on the market.  

Rear View of Dual Mono Block

Distortion is minimized, spatial reproduction is heightened and dynamics are increased. The 800 will transcend the limits of your musical experience.

The 800 is preconfigured in dual mono.  However, there’s nothing stopping you from enjoying every amplification mode offered by both Devialet 250s’ internal software.  The Devialet 800 recognizes no limits, and neither should you.

Daisy-chain up to eight 800s and create a sound system that satisfies your craziest musical desires.  Never before has so much sonic power been delivered for human enjoyment.  We’d advise you to “use such power wisely”, but that only contradicts its purpose.  

The ability to configure, expand and control exactly how your Devialet operates allows you to perfectly tweak the integrated amplifier to your exact needs and wants while at the same time not compromising the quality of sound you are attempting to bring to your environment.