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 Nordost Leif  Speaker  Cables


Leif Speaker

When Nordost launched the original Flatline speaker cable, its unique, extruded FEP construction delivered a combination of minimal capacitance, inductance and dielectric effect that, combined with the quality of the materials employed, produced a lightning fast, low-loss performance that brought music to life. Now, that original design has evolved even further.

• Silver-plated, OFC, round section solid core conductors
• Greater air and subtle detail
• Reduced dielectric effect
• Optimized dimensions and spacing of conductors
• Extruded construction
• Mechanical precision and stability
• Low-mass
• Carefully selected Z-plug and spade terminations
• Specifically designed for the single-wiring of loudspeakers
• Combine with dedicated jumpers where necessary to produces even more coherent musical results
• Flat profile allows for easy bi-amping

The Leif Series speaker cables represent a significant evolution in the Flatline story. Retaining the essential engineering elegance of the original design, experience has taught us how to extract even greater performance from a deceptively simple recipe, a benefit you’ll hear in the musical performance of your system.


Nordost – Odin Supreme Reference Loudspeaker Cable


Odin Supreme Reference Speaker Cables Odin Supreme Reference Speaker Cables

The Odin Supreme Reference Loudspeaker Cable is terminated with Nordost rhodium-plated, beryllium copper, low-mass Z plugs. These low mass connectors offer the very best interface and impedance matching between the cable and the attached components. Odin is also available with special rhodium plated Furutech spade connectors. Odin Supreme Reference Loudspeaker Cable is terminated for Bi-Wire as standard but may be ordered in Shotgun or Bi-amp configurations.

Valhalla Reference Speaker Cables

Valhalla Speaker cables
• Advanced Mono-Filament (Dual Mono-Filament on V2) construction
• State of the art
• Depth of musical detail
• Silver plated, solid copper conductors
• Extremely fast transmission speed
• Wide bandwidth signals
• Minimum phase shift
• Incredible transient response
• Dynamic resolution
• Reduced dielectric contact
• Mechanically stable
• Extruded precision FEP jacket
• Hand built in the USA

Nordost – Norse 2 Speaker Cables

Norse 2 Speaker

When it comes to speaker cables, Nordost’s flat construction doesn’t just look pretty; the parallel, multiple solid-core conductors used for each channel are the only construction that guarantees the combination of low capacitance, resistance and inductance that makes your amplifier’s job as easy as possible – and removes the “sound” of your cables as far from the music as possible.

So why doesn’t everyone do it this way? They would if they could, but… It’s only Nordost’s proprietary extruded FEP technology that allows these cables to be produced, creating flat wires that are thinner than a credit card, yet air-tight, geometrically incredibly precise and also tough; tough enough to live laid on the floor, under a carpet or even built into a wall. That’s why all the Norse Series speaker wires use our flat cable construction. When so many cable companies dress up anonymous conductors in woven nylon stockings or thick PVC outers, in a forlorn attempt to make them seem “sexy”, it’s reassuring to know that Nordost cables look distinctly different for a reason.

They sound different too; a lot different and a lot better! That might seem like a bold claim until you appreciate the fundamental electrical principals that make it fact.


Nordost Flatline Speaker Cables

Flatline Speaker Cables

Nordost products are based on proprietary, often revolutionary technologies, but the extruded FEP process that made the Flatline cables possible represented our first great breakthrough in audio performance – and it remains one of the most important. When they first appeared, Flatline cables took the audio world by storm, winning prestigious awards in every market they entered. That’s because they didn’t just look different – they sounded different too: quicker, cleaner more dynamic and more natural than the competition, they quickly became the musical standard against which other cables were compared.

  • Multiple, individual, solid-core conductors
  • Incredible structural simplicity combined with remarkable performance
  • Geometrically and mechanically stable
  • Flat array delivers textbook inductance, resistance and capacitance values
  • Superior electrical properties of the FEP dielectric minimize damage
  • High-quality, lightweight connectors
  • Unprecedented balance and performance for the price

Nordost – The world’s finest Speaker Cables in Vancouver BC