Devialet 900Le 900

Devialet will be releasing a special edition integrated amplifier.  Each unit is numbered (limited to 100 units worldwide).
Devialet pushes once again the limits of what is possible in the field of extreme audiophile performances. Under the personal supervision of Pierre-Emmanuel Calmel, their top engineers have invented the ultimate version of the Expert systems, in an exclusive limited edition: Original d’Atelier, 900 W, a 100-pieces limited edition, individually adjusted in their laboratories by Devialet’s engineers.

How does Devilet 900 go beyond?  Inside Devialet’s exclusive ADH hybrid core, a brand new board incorporating the class D amps has been developed, allowing for more power transmission, without any size variation – the class A amp has been optimized to expand its outstanding audio performances up to 900W and more.

– a new thermal management system was invented for better performances. The area of exchanges between the electronic boards and the casing is now doubled, allowing an even better control over transients
– a new card filtering parasites present on the mains supply has been developed. It allows the amplifier to function in the best possible conditions
– the power supply has been optimized to increase the power transmission capacity and to allow it to react as precisely as possible to the power requested by the amplifier
– with a power output of 900W in such a compact casing, the Devialet 900 sets a new world record
– guaranteed to deliver the best ever measured performances on the market under actual usage conditions, at 900W and more: THD+N 0.00025%, SNR Ratio 133dB
– each piece is numbered from 1 to 100. No other piece will be ever made by the Company – each piece is signed by one of Devialet’s lead engineers at the end of the control process

New hardware:
• New 900W D-AMP
• Class A evolution (more current on the transistors)
• New filter board
• enhanced power supply
• Thermal management improvement thank to additional gap Pad

Exclusive Design:
• Exclusive wood packaging
• Performances leaflet
• Aluminium casing with copper and gold plating
• Limited edition with a specific number (100 pieces)
• Specific screen design