PS-5 from Audio Alchemy

Audio Alchemy PS-5

For DDP-1 owners, the PS-5 is an easy and affordable way to improve dynamics, lower the noise floor, and enhance detail, spaciousness and musicality. It immediately and substantially elevates the performance of the DDP-1 by adding a much more advanced and capable power supply. It also complements the aesthetics of the DDP-1, by nesting into the unit, so the PS-5 looks like an integral part of the system rather than an add-on accessory.

Sound Power

Inside the PS-5 are two separate, regulated power supplies: one for analog circuits, the other for digital and control circuits, which provide each the unique power qualities required to maximize their performance. These discrete supplies are routed into the DDP-1 (DAC/Preamp/Headphone Amp) through a special multi-pin connector on the rear of the unit for easy connectivity. Additionally, the AC-to-DC conversion is performed inside the Alchemy Audio PS-5 to prevent interference with the sensitive analog audio circuits inside the DDP-1. A balanced supply with separate analog and digital/control feeds, separate positive and negative rails for analog circuits, and large banks of storage capacitors for better filtering and improved dynamics.

Key Features
·      improve dynamics, lower the noise floor, and enhance detail
·      2 power supplies: one for analog circuits, one for digital and control circuits
·      Internal AC-to-DC conversion
·      Quick, easy connectivity with multi-pin connector
·      Seamless visual integration with the DDP-1

“The Audio Alchemy DDP-1 and PS-5 sonically reproduced a great musical experience in my listening room. Recreating the delicacy of female vocals, the dirt of southern rock guitar, and delivering the emotion of my favorite heartfelt music, the DDP-1 and PS-5 ascended to the top of their respective product categories. “”

— Chris Connaker, Computer Audiophile

“If Audio Alchemy’s design team was seeking that elusive ‘analogue feel’ for the sound of its DAC/preamp then it’s certainly hit the mark … tremendous value for listeners seeking fine audio on a sensible budget.”

— John Bamford, Hi-Fi News & Record Review (U.K.)