Home Theater Installations

Looking to renovate or create the ultimate home theater?  Liquid Sound has the experience and ability to transform your media room into something special.  The process breaks down into a few simple steps.

Project Planning

We will sit down with you and listen to what you and your families needs and wants are for your new theater room.  From projection options to the newest 4K television offerings we will assist in making the right decision.  Understanding the sources you prefer to use (streaming or physical copies) and the preference of speakers (2 Channel, 5.1, 7.2, Dolby Atmos) will give us the opportunity to bring your dream to life.  We can also assist in lighting control, shade/drape control, home automation and room correction.


Once you are satisfied with the project we can begin the prewire and installation phase.  This includes getting the right cabling to the proper areas in the room and preparing placement of AV gear and power needs.  We have millworkers, electricians and designers that we work with to help if needed for the project.  When the room is ready we can begin installing components and hardware, and program the control system.

Testing and Client Training

After the initial setup and install we will calibrate the system, taking into account room dynamics and seating placement.  Once we feel that the system is optimized we will then have a meeting with the client/clients and explain what we have done and how to operate their new home theater.  Though the setup and integration of all the component is complex, the end user is treated to a seamless experience that is un-complicated.

Visit our store location at 4320 W10th Avenue, Vancouver or call 778-891-9563 for more information.