Control4 2.8.0 Software Release2.8.0Control4 has released their new director software (2.8.0) with some great additions such as ShairBridge and TIDAL and Deezer streaming capabilities.

ShairBridge is Control4’s new software release implements AirPlay, allowing AirPlay-enabled devices to stream audio to a Control4 system. Multiple instances of the driver (up to 20) can be added to a project and will almost immediately show up as available AirPlay endpoints on AirPlay-enabled devices. Similar to the Wireless Music Bridge, each instance of the ShairBridge driver can be set up to automatically turn on an audio zone or group of zones when audio is streamed to an AirPlay end-point.

By using lossless FLAC streaming (full CD quality with no compression), the new TIDAL service and MSP driver deliver a high-fidelity audio experience to Control4 customers. This driver features a completely new UI designed for a simple user experience. Adding TIDAL to a Control4 system is simple—add the new TIDAL MSP driver to a project and log in with a valid TIDAL account. New TIDAL accounts can be set up at

Deezer is another service often requested by Control4 customers that delivers an extensive library of music from all over the world, showcasing the latest artists and hits, as well as suggested, personalized content based on listening history. This driver also features a new MSP-based UI, designed for a fun audio browsing experience.

Visit for a demo or call 778-891-7750 for more information.