Raidho C1.1

“Put in the necessary effort and you’ll be rewarded by sound you’ve only dreamed about as the C1.0’s promise is finally (and spectacularly) delivered.”

Chris Thomas HiFi+(UK)

Raidho C1.1

Raidho C1.1 is a small, neatly perfectly proportioned loudspeaker, so in spite of its limited size, the sound it produces is surprising at first, but harmonious at the same time. This model was developed on the basis of recognised theories of dimension, which we put in practice to produce a beautiful cabinet, carried out in every detail, and superbly finished. C1.1 is put together from hand-made units built from Raidho’s patented technologies.

The two-piece baffle is made from 20mm aluminium with each driver assembled directly onto its rear face.

The C1.1 is a new breed of small loudspeakers that uncompromisingly let you hear what your system and the musicians can do. Simply listen to a Raidho C1.1 for an impressive experience.