Rogue Phono Preamplifier – Ares

Vacuum tube audio amplifiers have long been recognized by the audio community as providing significantly better sonics than solid state transistor-based designs. Unfortunately, well designed vacuum tube products are much more expensive to produce than their solid state counterparts. As a result, this superior technology has only been available to a small but fortunate group of audio enthusiasts. Enter Rogue Audio.

Their amplifier designs combine the finest in tube-circuit topology with meticulously engineered circuit layout to achieve superior performance. Unflagging attention to the integrity of the audio signal path and power supplies results in truly superior designs. The most discriminating audiophile will delight in the impeccable fidelity of recordings reproduced through their amplifiers.

The matchless quality of Rogue amplifiers is obvious at first glance. However, Rogue’s quality is not just skin deep. Ultra-high tolerance components, two-ounce copper circuit boards, and silver plated switches are just a few of the many features which separate Rogue products from the competition.  Electronic components are rated far beyond their intended use, and only the highest quality components are incorporated into the designs. The rugged aluminum chassis are treated to resist scratching and corrosion and the machined aluminum faceplate and knobs are anodized to protect their appearance.

Rogue Audio believes that a truly great performing amplifier should dress the part. And from the heavy aluminum faceplate and knobs to the gold connectors in the rear, Rogue amplifiers speak to the audiophile’s aesthetic sense.

Ares Details

Rogue Audio proudly introduces the new Ares phono preamplifier. The Ares is an all tube design that offers cutting edge performance for virtually any cartridge and turntable setup. With a tube complement of two 12AX7 and two 12AU7 tubes, the Ares offers all of the flexibility you need from a high-end phono section. Features include Cinemag step-up transformers, a delayed start sequence to minimize turn-on thumps, three different gain settings to accommodate low, medium and high output cartridges, passive RIAA that is accurate to within 0.25dB and five different cartridge load settings all accessible without removing the cover. An outboard power supply helps to ensure ultra quiet operation and of course the Ares is built with the exceptional quality you expect from a Rogue Audio product.



Rogue Ares

General Features:
– Compatible with almost all Moving Coil and Moving Magnet cartridges
– Pure tube circuit topology
– Precise RIAA equalization
– Custom Cinemag step-up transformers
– Massive fully regulated outboard power supply
– Toroidal transformer
– Internal settings with most popular loading options
– Internal setting for 150 Picofared or 0 capacitance loading
– Three gain settings: 40dB, 55dB, 64dB
– Timer delayed start for minimum turn-on noise
– Subsonic filtering
– Ultra heavy-duty gold RCA inputs
– Precision components throughout
– Machined aluminum faceplate
– Heavy (2 ounce) copper circuit boards
– Teflon/silver plated hook-up wire
– Detachable IEC power cord
– 17″ W x 9″ D x 5.5″ H
– Entirely designed and built in the USA
– 3 year limited warranty