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MIT Oracle ZIII Power Cables

MIT Power Cables - vancouver

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The MIT Oracle Z III features proprietary hand wound cable with perhaps the best measurable performance of any non-networked AC cable on the market today. This unique winding topology combined with the highest quality silver-clad conductors and the finest dielectrics results in an AC power cable that exhibits an extremely low noise floor and reduces dielectric distortions to well below the audible level. The benefits of this intense attention to detail are greatly improved dynamic contrasts, improved low level detail, and proper image localization and stability.


MIT Shotgun Z III Power Cable

MIT power cables - Vancouver

MIT Shotgun Z III

This high quality power cable can be terminated with NEMA standard plugs. 110V—250V; 20amp. 

  • 99.9999% pure copper
  • 20AWG Drain Wire
  • 100% Outer Shield Covering
  • Foil Shielded – 300V, 60o shielded, 100% coverage
  • UL/CSA listed
  • .402 outer diameter

MIT Power Cables – Vancouver