Cyrus Audio Stream XP – Vancouver



Cyrus Stream X₂

A powerful music streamer which can fully exploit the highest quality 24-bit/192 kHz files.

The Stream X₂ gives you high quality music at your fingertips. Easily connect it to your networked music (find out how here), and hear how our famous Cyrus engineering transforms the sound of your favourite music.

Our streamers also open the door to thousands of internet radio stations from around the world, where you can discover new music loves.

Because the Stream X₂ is our dedicated streaming source, it produces the purest sound of all of our streaming products.

Get the Stream X₂ with our stylish n-remote or use Cadence, our free app for iOS and Android.

  • Stream Xa Music Streamer Thumbnail

    Cyrus Stream Xa

    High definition music streamer with digital and analogue outputs

    The Stream Xa uses our high definition streaming technology to bring you closer to your music. With the n-remote or our iOS app Cadence, you can access all of your networked music as well as over 70,000 internet radio stations with ease.

    Our expertly engineered circuitry and DAC (digital to analogue converter) technology means you can stream 24-bit music in high resolution. This high resolution combined with our expert tuning uncovers hidden depths and details in your music, bringing the beat to life.

    Carrying the same high-tech streaming components as the Stream X₂, the Stream Xa boasts a built-in DAC which provides a high definition analogue output. This makes it the perfect streamer to slot into a traditional hi-fi system, without the need to invest in a separate DAC.

    The onboard DAC can also be used as a stand-alone feature, by wiring your AV sound through the streamer for an improved sound. Cyrus Audio Stream XP – Vancouver

  • Streamline(v2)_Product_Thumb

    Cyrus Streamline₂

  • Expert music streamer compatible with the latest high resolution music files.

  • The Streamline₂ is an all in one music system. It incorporates the technology and expertise used to make our separate, more specialised streamers so you’re guaranteed great sounding music with no fuss.New to streaming?

    Browse and enjoy your digital music collection from the comfort of your seat, viewing albums, artwork, playlists and internet radio stations with the n-remote or Cadence app. Cyrus Audio Stream XP – Vancouver

  • Stream XP2 QX

    Cyrus Stream XP₂ Qx

    High quality audiophile music streamer with incorporated DAC and preamplifier.

    Our flagship streamer allows you to enjoy high quality music with no hassle. Our expert tuning uncovers hidden depths and details in your music, bringing the beat to life.

    New to streaming?

    The high definition streaming system at the heart of the Stream XP₂ Qx is compatible with the highest resolution 24-bit music files, and is designed to make sure nothing is added to or taken away from the artist’s recording.

    This product also contains preamplifier and DAC technology. The Qx DAC process represents a huge upgrade to the way in which sound is processed by Cyrus systems. Whatever the resolution of the music going in to the streamer, it is upsampled to 192kHz high definition.

    Browse and enjoy your digital music collection with the n-remote or Cadence app, viewing albums, artwork, internet radio stations and marking favourites with ease.

  • Stream X Signature Thumbnail

    Cyrus Stream X Signature

    Make the most of the latest high resolution music files, or upgrade the quality of your CD resolution music. Our flagship music streamer, the Stream X Signature allows you to browse and select from your entire music collection using the colour screen n-remote, or our Cadence app for iOS and Android.

    Stream from any UPnP or DLNA device, or use one of the streamer’s host of additional inputs to play music from your PC or mp3 player.

    With simple set up, seamless navigation and sensational sound quality, listening to music just got a whole lot more enjoyable!

    New to streaming? View our guide here.

  • Cyrus Audio Stream XP – Vancouver,  The Stream X Signature allows you to access over 100,000 radio stations from around the world through TuneIn Radio.

    If you want to hear all of the detail, energy and emotion in your music, this is the best streamer you’ll hear.

    “It sounds like the singers are in the room!” – Fiona at the Stream X Signature launch.