Cyrus Audio Intergrated Amplifiers Available in Vancouver


  • Cyrus 6a, Integrated Amplifier - Vancouver

    Cyrus 6a,

    Cyrus 6a

  • The Cyrus 6a stereo integrated amplifier delivers 40 watts per channel and includes six analogue inputs. A great headphone facility and twin speaker output for bi-wiring ensure it will fit into your life.

    Our research & development process means that advancements made as we fine tune our best amplifiers trickle down to all of the products in that line. So even though the Cyrus 6a is our entry level amplifier, it boasts many of the same expert components and engineering techniques as our most advanced Cyrus 8 Qx DAC.

  • Cyrus 6 DAC - Vancouver

    Cyrus 6 Dac

    Cyrus 6 DAC

    Award winning high quality amplifier and digital to analogue converter.

    The amplifying section of the Cyrus 6 DAC comes from the Cyrus 6a, our award winning high quality amplifier. Its built-in digital to analogue converter reads the highest 24-bit files and transforms them into the music your speakers love in high definition.

    As well as including the Cyrus 6 DAC in your hi-fi system, you can use it to play music directly from your computer or plug it into your TV or satellite box.

    This high quality amplifier and DAC will put new life into your music or films with a touch of our trademark Cyrus tuning

  • Cyrus 8a, Integrated Amplifier - Vancouver

    Cyrus 8a, Integrated Amplifier

    Cyrus 8a

  • The Cyrus 8a is our best integrated amplifier. Itprovides an impressive 70 watts per channel, through an expertly engineered circuit finely tuned to provide our trademark sound quality.

    Six analogue inputs and two zone playing capacity make the Cyrus 8a a versatile integrated amplifier – and you can rest assured the sound quality is well above par too.

    All of the components in our products are subjected to rigorous listening testing to find those which provide the best possible sound quality. This integrated amplifier is no different, and it boasts filtering and circuitry techniques which stem from 30 years of research into how we can get the most detail and energy from your music.

  • Cyrus 8 DAC, integrated amplifier and DAC - Vancouver

    Cyrus 8 DAC, integrated amplifier and DAC

    Cyrus 8 DAC

    The technology from our best hi-fi amplifiers and a high quality DAC.

    The Cyrus 8 DAC incorporates a high power integrated amplifier and advanced digital to analogue converter to provide a great sounding, versatile hi-fi amplifier.

    Using our best hi-fi amplifying technology, you will benefit from 70 watts per channel, with multi-zoning capacities allowing you to listen to different sources in different areas of your home.

    The Cyrus 8 DAC is a good foundation for a hi-fi system, and can be connected to up to five digital sources including CD player, computer, TV or satellite box. The advanced digital to analogue converter is compatible with the latest high resolution 24-bit music files.

  • Cyrus 8 Qx DAC, our best integrated amplifier - Vancouver

    Cyrus 8 Qx DAC, our best integrated amplifier

    Cyrus 8 Qx DAC

  • Our best integrated amplifier and DAC provides pure audiophile performance.

    The Cyrus 8 Qx DAC is the highest performance integrated amplifier within the Cyrus range and uses a fantastic DAC card to convert digital sources to analogue without any mistakes or lost details.

    Comprising our very best components including one of the best DAC processes available, the Cyrus Qx DAC is an audiophile integrated amplifier and DAC. It produces fantastic clarity and depth in recordings, and the on-board DAC means you can use it in conjunction with just about any source.

    Plug into our range topping CD Xt Signature or Stream X₂, connect a computer or laptop, or link your TV or satellite box to transform the sound of films and TV shows. You can even play two sources simultaneously, letting you enjoy Cyrus’s trademark sound quality throughout your house.

    The Cyrus 8 Qx DAC is powered by a 330VA transformer, providing a huge 70 watts per channel. Its on-board upsampling 24-bit/192 kHz DAC provides audiophile performance, bringing the best out of all digital sources.