Smart Home Automation

Building a new home?  Renovating?  Tired of using multiple remotes/interfaces to control your audio, video and lighting?  Smart Home Automation is the solution.

Control4 SR250 Remote

With Smart Home Automation you can have your electronics (BluRay, Apple TV, Cable Boxes) hidden from view but with full functionality.  If you are building a new home or tackling a massive renovation you can have all your audio/video products housed in a location that’s is out of the way by incorporating structured wiring to your design.  Using a control system, such as Control4, you will still have complete control of your components with out having to rely on “line of site” remotes.

Control4 allows users to control their systems either by the SR250 Remote or an iPad/iPhone.  The ability to login and control your system from anywhere in the world is also available through Control4’s 4Site technology.  If you have access to internet, you have access to your home.

Control4 is also a great choice for lighting control.  Easily replace any standard switch or dimmer with a Control 4 dimmer/switch and have access through your iPad/iPhone with the ability to  program lighting scenes or events to be triggered manually or for certain times (eg. Front Porch lights on at 6:30PM and off at 11PM).

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