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Magico S5 speakers – High Performance Karaoke Speakers Vancouver

Look no further with the S5 Magico loudspeakers. With their super rigid heavily braced aluminum enclosure to minimize internal resonance and to give their unique in-house designed drivers an ideal operating environment, the Magico S5’s can handle the dynamic range of vocals and any genre of music. The Magico S5’s create breathtaking openness, delicate dynamics and musical truth.  From a gentle whisper to shattering cresendos, these are the loudspeakers to bring your experience to the next level. Multiple colors and finishes available. Please call Liquid Sound to book a listening session.

Magico s5

High Quality Karaoke Speakers


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The Magico S5’s perform with 3-way sound and 4-driver set, encased in ½ inch thick aluminum. The set draws its power and quality from the previous M5 and V3 models. The case plays a significant role in the sound output due to the highly engineered, extruded aluminum casing with anodized finish. The cabinet is extensively designed to eliminate distortions, diffraction effects, internal resonance and sound dampening.

Each speaker sports a dual neodymium motor system, the 6-inch M380 mid-range driver, with titanium coils for the highest-quality sounds. Top and bottom frequencies are supplied by hybrid nano-tech bass drivers and the beryllium diaphragm MB-30 1-inch tweeter.




Why Buy a Karaoke Machine?

There may be several reasons why you would want to buy a karaoke machine for your own use. Almost everyone loves to sing and having a karaoke machine is one fun way to do so without being too embarrassed. If everyone else is singing, you may be more apt to give it a try and by using a karaoke machine, you don’t have to worry about forgetting the lyrics.

If you have teenagers in your home, it’s a good way for them to entertain themselves, along with their friends. They can sing their favorite hit songs and have fun seeing who knows all the lyrics and who has to look at the screen constantly. It’s great for parties and birthday parties or for just having fun family evenings.

Aspiring singers in your family will love working with the machine as well. The singer can practice their stage presence and practice memorizing lyrics in time to a song’s beat much easier than they can with just sheet music. Buying a karaoke machine for your family can be a good investment with High performance Karaoke speakers.