Monitor Audio

Gold GX Series

Monitor Audio engineers set their sights high by attempting to harness the amazing sonic characteristics demonstrated by the prestigious Platinum series. There are no smoke and mirrors here, just meticulous attention to detail and passion at every step of the design process.

Attention to detail is evident in every component part, being made from only the finest materials, cast and machined to exacting tolerances. All cabinets are hand built using multiple laminations of wood veneers, and then hot pressed to form a rigid ply-wood shell. Whilst being incredibly rigid, and as a result stronger, the curved panels also reduce standing waves, eliminating un-wanted sound from being reflected back. The result is a perfect, life-like midrange character, without a hint of unwanted resonances.

Developed from the renowned C-CAM® material, the new ribbed RST® cone profile has been developed to give incredible rigidity and lowest possible mass, resulting in a stiffer cone and significant reduction in break up modes, exhibiting a much purer sound overall.

Sturdy die-cast alloy chassis have been designed with improved venting properties to keep the driver cool as well as reduce internal pressure, with the ability to play louder and with lower distortion than previous driver designs. HiVe® port technology is employed for better transient response and tighter bass – due to smoother air-flow.

The newly design C-CAM® Ribbon H.F (High Frequency) transducer has been employed to propel high frequencies to well beyond 60 KHz, at least two octaves beyond the threshold of human hearing. This means subtle nuances and harmonic content present in high definition 24 bit/192KHz recordings to ensure the full audio experience is faithfully conveyed, as intended. The ribbon transducer possesses no break up modes, so the sound is crystal clear without a hint of distortion and is far superior to any dome tweeter design ever produced. Ribbon technology is much different and since there is no voice coil, the moving diaphragm is incredibly light, responding instantly to the smallest level of detail.

Polypropylene film capacitors, air core and laminated steel core inductors have been utilized to maintain the best possible signal integrity. Each crossover is then mounted on a separate panel which is accessible from the underside of the speaker. High quality gold plated terminals are easily accessible and mounted to a very sturdy die-cast alloy terminal panel, placed low down on the cabinet to make placement and connection simple, particularly on the floor-standing models. Silver plated cable is used for bi-wire links with spade terminations to ensure very low contact resistance and the best possible contact reliability. Pureflow® silver internal cabling insures best signal conductivity.

Beautiful Piano finish cabinets feature no less than 11 layers of lacquer with painstaking hand polishing to obtain the perfect mirror shine, whilst the real wood finish cabinets are hand veneered after the cabinet is made using very traditional craftsmanship; this ensures precise grain matching on every pair. The beautiful grain definition and rich color variations of Bubinga and modern Walnut blend with any interior style or décor.