Magico S1 Vancouver

Magico S1 Speakers

The stylishly contoured cabinet features a monocoque 3/8-inch thick and 12-inch diameter extruded aluminum enclosure to minimise diffraction, internal resonance and damping requirements. The Magico s1 floorstanding two-way model also uses an entirely new seven-inch Magico Nano-Tec® midbass driver with the same one-inch beryllium tweeter featured in the S5. The midbass driver’s dual-neodymium under-hung motor system with pure titanium voice coil-former is powerfully efficient and low in distortion. Specifications include 86dB sensitivity, impedance of four ohms and a frequency response of 32Hz to 50kHZ, with 50 watts of amp power recommended.



At every CES, I seem to find out on the last day that there was something I should have checked out. And, sure enough, on Friday afternoon, I’m talking to Wayne Schuurman of the Audio Advisor, who mentions that Magico has a new speaker that’s about $13,000/pair.

Yikes! I’m supposed to be covering speakers under $15k, and I never bothered going into the Magico room, because I figured that all their speakers were above that price. I got to the Magico room when they were already in the process of packing up, but, although the systems had been taken apart, the new speaker, called the S1 had not been packed up, so I was able to take a picture of it. Here is the picture of the S1 in different M-cast powder-coat finishes, with Irv Gross, Magico’s Director of Sales looking suitably pleased. The S1 is a two-way design, incorporating a new 7″ Magico Nano-Tec mid-woofer and the same Beryllium tweeter as in the S5. Bass is claimed to be extended to 32Hz.—Robert Deutsch