Control4 Power Amplifiers

The new 4 and 8-Zone 100 Series Power Amplifiers provide versatile and cost-effective amplification solutions that deliver superior audio performance.

Get high-quality sound in up to eight audio zones from distinct sources. Regardless of the size of your home or project, you’ll enjoy a powerful, multi-room music solution that’s fully integrated into your Control4 system. This amp features 120W of high-quality sound from 8 analog input sources in 8 speaker output zones, advanced parametric equalizer capability with the Control4 Equalizer app which drives professional quality sound, full matrix switching, and volume-limiting capabilities.

Scalable Solution—Designed for installations small to large, all 100 Series Power Amplifiers  feature zone and global inputs that can be looped out to additional units, allowing for the creation of larger audio zones.

More Power to Each Zone—The 4-Zone Power Amplifier outputs 45W per channel of high-quality sound to each stereo zone, while the 8-Zone version outputs 30W per channel. And with bridgeable amplifier outputs, both models provide double the power to larger speakers or zones requiring even higher output levels.

Reliable and Stable—Both amplifiers are stable to 4 Ohms and feature fault detection with automatic system reset to protect the amplifier and speakers from damage to ensure years of reliable performance.

Energy Saving Design—Automatic signal-sensing audio inputs and voltage triggers put the amplifier into standby and save power when not in use.

Control4 Power Amplifiers