Sunbrite Outdoor TV

Sunbrite Outdoor Televisions

For homeowners thinking of remodeling their homes with the addition of electronics, one of the most enticing options is an outdoor A/V system. SunBrite’s new Signature Line of outdoor HDTVs facilitate these homeowner dreams without tapping out their respective bank accounts. The newly announced line features a choice of three screen sizes: the 32-inch SB-3260HD, the 46-inch SB-4660HD and the 55-inch SB-5560HD models.

SunBrite says the TVs are engineered to withstand the environmental conditions of outdoor placement with features that include anti-glare screens and ASA outdoor-rated resin enclosures that are designed to protect the TVs’ internal components from moisture, rain, dust, snow, insects and temperatures that range from 10 below zero, all the way up to 122 degrees. Other features built into the products include water-tight cable-entry channels, multi-fan airflow systems and a choice of black or silver finishes.

Key Features:
Signature Line True Outdoor All-Weather LCD Television for permanent outdoor installation
Bright full-HD 1080p LCD screen for improved outdoor viewing
Exterior designed to protect internal components from rain, dust, insects, humidity, and salt air
Multi-fan Airflow system keeps the unit cool and dry in temperatures up to 122 degrees F.
Ability to operate in cold weather (-24 degrees F)
Discrete IR input connectors simplify control functions (located in cable-entry compartment)
Innovative Water-tight Cable Entry System seals out moisture and allows for easy hook-ups
ASA outdoor rated plastic resin exterior
Water resistant Detachable Speaker Module
Water-resistant remote control
Water resistant control buttons
Remote Control Lock-out prevents unauthorized users from changing the programming.