Control 4 Vancouver

Control 4 Vancouver

Control 4 Ipad


Control 4 Vancouver has released the I-pad software to Run 2.0 Control 4 software.

Thus enabling you to control all types of devices such as;

Music, Video, TV’s, cable boxes, DVD players, PVR’s, Apple tv, amplifiers, Thermostats, lighting, front gate, garage doors, blinds, motorised drpaes, pool controlers, sprinklers, fire places, security systems, CCTV camera’s,  and the list goes on…..

Why not take advantage of this “all in one solution” .  WHY MAKE LIFE COMPLICATED.

One touch is all it takes……  Let the rest be simplified by liquid sound “awarded Best multi room installation 2010 by Control 4”

Control 4 – 2.0 is the most powerfull control system that has been released on the market.

Control 4 Vancouver I-pad software installed by liquid sound vancouver


Control your home from your smart phone, iPad or anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Control4® Mobile Navigator License for iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad

Experience the convenience of using your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to manage your Control4 system, including lighting, temperature, music, video, security, web cameras and more.

Features & Benefits

  • Secure Control—Manage your system over any WiFi network, with unique security features that identify and authenticate your Control4 system to your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad to eliminate unauthorized access.
  • Powerful—Enjoy all the features of your Control4 system, including security system management, zone and whole home control, media player device control and Rhapsody playlist support from your mobile device.
  • Easy to Use—Control your entire system, access music and movies by cover art, and even view images from the cameras around the house.
  • Easy to Install—Add and manage subscription codes from your myControl4 account, and easily identify and authenticate devices in the project with a single button press.

Control 4 Vancouver

The Control4 platform allows devices to communicate with each other via Internet Protocol or the wireless ZigBee radio-frequency communication protocol. The HC-250 and SR-250 communicate using ZigBee and thus don’t require line of sight, so you can tuck away the control box and initiate commands from another room. You also can easily incorporate a variety of compatible wireless automation products, be they Control4-branded or through third-party partners. Control4 sent me just a sampling of Control4-branded products to get a feel for the automation part of the equation, including a wireless thermostat and several lighting products that I’ll discuss in the Hookup section. The ZigBee protocol creates a mesh network, which means that each wireless device serves as both a transmitter and receiver. The more devices you add, the more robust the wireless network becomes, which makes it easy to expand your Control4 system as your budget allows.

Control4 also sent me the new wireless Music Bridge, which allows you to integrate the music from your smartphone, tablet, or computer into a Control4 system. Given all the other features I need to cover in this write-up, I’m going to handle the Wireless Music Bridge in a separate quick review, coming soon.