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Smart Home Automation

Control 4 Smart Home Automation Systems, The genius of the smart home

Smart Home Automation Vancouver

Smart Home Automation Vancouver

It all starts with a controller, the central hub of every Control4 system. The controller runs the operating system for your home, giving you the power to control and automate virtually any home function, including your home theater, music, lighting, temperature, security system, appliances and more.

Each model allows you to build anything from a basic home theater system to a whole-home automation solution. Sleek designs make them easy to either place behind a TV or mount in a rack, so they’re always out of sight. Additionally, controllers offer features such as audio streaming, intercom capability and effortless control of your favorite consumer electronic devices.  We specialize in Control 4 Systems Vancouver BC.


Home Automation Systems: What to Look For

As you look for a smart house system, there are several things to keep in mind. A system with the right functionality, strong compatibility and excellent technical support will be your best bet. Above all, try to look for a system that best suits your unique needs.

A good system is easy to use and promotes energy efficiency. Remote access can help you monitor your home when you’re gone. The system should enable you to easily program it to perform a variety of actions. Randomized programs are especially valuable, as they turn peripherals in your smart home on and off to deter criminals by making the home look occupied when you’re away. Voice control capabilities can help your system become more convenient. Depending on your preference, you should also consider whether a system requires a wired or wireless setup before committing to have it installed. Some systems even have the option for you to subscribe to a security monitoring service.

Another important category for these home automation systems is their compatibility. When you’re on the hunt for full-home automation, you need to be sure that the product you select will control the peripherals in your house to your satisfaction. A hardware controller is designed to be the control center of your home, try to look for a controller that can manage a multitude of devices; this way you have greater options to expand the system later on. Some systems are even compatible with security systems, HVAC systems or popular media management applications like iTunes and Windows Media Player. Look for a controller that supports common home control technologies like Insteon, KNX, UPB, X10, Z-Wave and ZigBee.

Help & Support
If you have a problem, what are your customer service options? Helpful support channels include telephone, email, user manuals, tutorials and online documentation. Less common support features, such as a live chat option and user forums, can be very helpful as well. Another thing to consider is whether a system requires professional installation or not.

We have the right Smart Home Automation Vancouver system for you.