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Custom Home Theater

Custom Home Theater built in Vancouver

Recreate the cinematic experience in your own home

Imagine watching a blockbuster movie or playing the latest PS4 video game on your own home cinema system with the ultimate in sound and visual quality.

Custom Home theater, custom home theatre

Custom Home theater Vancouver

Our in-house specialists create a home cinema experience that perfectly matches your requirements. We put particular emphasis on making sure the system is easy-to-use for all the family, is acoustically optimized, and visually calibrated so you receive the very best audio and visual quality from your investment.

Your home theatre solution might include:

  • Home Automation smart homes
  • plasma screens
  • Custom Home theater
  • concealed speakers
  • Control 4 smart remote with Lighting control
  • multi-tiered seating
  • motorized screen & projection systems
  • and more;

We are experts in ensuring your home theatre system blends seamlessly into your home environment, complementing rather than competing with your existing interior decor and architectural style.


What kind of seating should I put in my home theater?

The kind of seating you add to your space depends on your overall budget and the level of authenticity you desire. If you’re looking for a true-to-life movie experience, stadium seating is a must. Add platforms and stairs to mimic tiers, and use leather lounge chairs as comfortable theater chair replicas. For a less expensive approach, use the same armchairs but avoid multiple levels, or opt for several sectionals and ottomans instead. To cater to those who like to eat and watch at the same time, install a bar counter with counter stools.

What equipment should I add to my media room?

Once again, budget dictates your technology, as well as personal preference. A projector and projector screen lead to a more dramatic movie experience, but the picture can be slightly blurry if the equipment quality is bad. A high-definition plasma or LCD TV might not be quite as large scale, but it always offers a crisp, clear image. If you do your research, you can even find oversized wall-mounted TVs that match the size of a projector screen — for a pretty penny, of course. When it comes to high-quality sound, surround sound is the way to go. Install speakers throughout the space, and be sure to put in soundproof wall panels so you don’t disturb sleeping family members.

Should I add a wet bar or home bar to my Custom home theater?

It’s not a true movie theater without some popcorn, and adding your own concession stand is an easy way to ensure it’s always nearby. On a small scale, you can add a wet bar with mini fridge, candy drawer and microwave, or you can opt for a larger investment with a full-fledged home bar, complete with your favorite alcoholic drinks and barware. If you want to go big, mimic a true concession stand with glass cabinets, popcorn maker and soda fountain machine.

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