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Rogoz Audio 2QB80-P3 Harbeth Speaker Stand for P3ESR



Double-support speaker stands, with individually defined size specifications, designed for Harbeth P3ESR speakers. The stands consist of extra-strong legs made of carbon steel S235JR (which is used for load-bearing structures subject to heavy dynamic load, e.g. in cranes), which have been connected by means of two techniques (TIG and muffling gluing) to thick shelves made from 8 mm higher-strength alloy steel S355.

Color: Black (matt, fine grain)
Height: 665mm
Weight of a single stand: ca. 12 kg without sand, up to 27 kg with sand
Leg: 2 steel profile 80/40 mm Upper shelf: metal plate 183 x 183 x 8 mm Bottom shelf: metal plate 285 x 285 x 8 mm
Maximum load (for one stand): 180 kg
Recommended speaker weight: up to 40 kg
One set consists of two stands. Each stand contains:
2 bolts to close the sand chambers (optionally, the chambers might be filled with sand or lead shot)
4 spikes for the bottom shelf, 3 soft anti-vibration pads for the top shelf
4 anti-scratch disks protecting the floor