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Here is a study of the effects that audio cables can have on a audio system’s performance.  See link below for the complete study.

Abstract: The influence of interconnecting cables on an audio system’s performance is a controversial issue. This is partly because commonly measured parameters such as resistance, reactance, frequency response, and common distortions do not show meaningful differences. The present electrical study of line-level single-ended (unbalanced) analog interconnects, provides a more comprehensive picture surpassing the common specifications. It was found that uncommon time-domain effects such as reflection sequences and non-ideal
capacitive behavior, along with noise, can better distinguish the electrical performance of interconnects of different grades.

Quote from the study:  “The present work found clear systematic differences in the electrical performance of interconnect cables of different grades. Besides the electrical signal alterations studied here”

See link for the full paper:  An electrical study of single-ended analog interconnect cables